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FC Link Multiservices Pvt Ltd (will be the Future consumer link in India)  is a legal, responsible and a registered company by Ministry of corporate affairs India (CIN U74120UP2014PTC065216) and is recognized as the best facilitator now in few parts of India. It is Exclusive in its nature of business and facilitation to people living in India. We strive for providing best products and services on a significant cut off prices for our members . Giving a sizable ease for buying of day to day household grocery and other basic necessities of life for a common person. For decades, public has been making hue and cry over the inflation in particular to necessities, food and other household items. And there has not been any significant improvisation to support a common man. People suffer by the diseases but everyone can not afford services of top of the range hospitals. And it is not just a matter of inflation only but sometimes people are spending extra amount over the life style without realizing that the same is possible on significantly lower spending. Tourism is worth but if the budget is curtailed yet provides maximum leisure for the whole family. We at FC Link facilitate you for the buying of all of your groceries, products of beauty and style, health services , facilitating for dine out at luxurious restaurants, availing facilities of five star hotels etc.

“But we wont let you pay EXTRA”.

Now FC Link is going to support you saving from the undue spending. Our goal is to facilitate a common man day to day needs.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

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