Benifits of Franchises


Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Please grow your business based on providing standard / quality product or services within the area of our services canvas. Our model is based on following philosophy:

(1)   The Quality of Product should be well established,

(2)   Customers / Consumers interest is highly superior.

(3)   Providing a huge number of consumers to our partner franchises

Therefore, based on above, if any entity wishes to become our Franchise for the outlet or already running a quality grocery outlet or have capacity to serve any of our service canvas program, we welcome you on board. We wish that the members residing in far fling areas to existing outlets, should also be able to avail our services. For our Franchise, interested entrepreneurs will be able to find the products of renowned brands on special rates so that our consumer once buy, should be benefited properly. For franchise enquiry dial +91 9918446699 or Email Us –

Self Owned Business V/S Franchisee Business

Start ups Franchised units
Success Rate 10% 90%
Brand Yet to be Established. Well Established.
Risk Very high Comparatively low
Time Frame to establish High Already Establish
Technical know how Self Developed Provided by Franchisor
Training & Support Not available Provided by Franchisor
Business Model Risky Tried and Tested
Research Development Very Costly Available at reasonable cost
Returns Inconsistent Consistent


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